In Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® classes, Kathy leads you through subtle exercises that increase your awareness to how your body moves. The lessons, done sitting, lying, or standing, encourage exploration and guide you to recognize habitual ways of moving, as well as realize new ways of utilizing and coordinating your muscles, bones, and joints. The classes are respectul of each individual's process and are suitable for all levels.

Ongoing Classes

Feldenkrais Learning Center 2121 Broadway between 74th and 75th Streets, Suite 404 Fridays at 12:45 p.m. $20 for single. Or register for series: $125" for 7 classes

To register or for more information, ktyates@gmail.com or call 212.989.8668

"Kathy has been sensitive to my individual struggles, and has helped me to change habits of tension in my chest and trunk. Working with the breath has changed the foundation of my yoga practice. I find I am breathing more fully and comfortably. I am grateful for the new sense of stability and freedom that I feel as a result of these changes "

Jennifer Rose Yoga Instructor